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18, July 2016

How To Ensure Safety Standards Are Met At Your Office?

The workplace is where most of us spend the most time at, sometimes even more than what we spend in our own homes. Thus, it is important to ensure a comfortable work environment is created for the staff to enjoy and in which they feel safe and trust. It is important to any organization’s sustainability to ensure that their employees feel safe and motivated when working. Within an unsafe environment they do not build this trust in the company and its employer and feel demotivated as they would feel as if the company does not care about their wellbeing. Thus, reducing motivation levels and thereby productivity and quality of goods and services supplied by the company.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain a good, comfortable and safe work environment to keep your employees motivated and interested in the wellbeing of the company. Here are a few ways in which you could achieve this target.

Reducing Stress in Employees

It is vital to maintain stress levels within the company. Within this competitive market structure of modern economics, employees are easily pressed for better performance in reduced time periods and most probably under lower and stricter budget constrictions. However, as the employer, it is essential that you maintain a close eye on your employees in order to spot possible over stressing and depression among employees. This not only reduces productivity and effects company environment, it also may lead to drastic consequences such as employee suicide, which must be mitigated at all costs. Giving proper training, such as a manual handling courses, or a motivational speaker or even a simple office party and getaway could break the daily stress experienced by the employees and thus, mitigate possible stress related issues.

Proper Facilities

As a responsible employer, it is your duty to provide the staff with adequate equipment to easily handle the workload given to them. This does not necessarily mean only the machinery associated with the actual production process, but also the ergonomics of the chairs and tables supplied to your staff. Proper lunch rooms, wash rooms, sick rooms need to be provided for by the employer. It is also essential to provide adequate training, especially manual handling training when managing large scale equipment and goods.

It is your duty to set in place a strict set of rules and formal procedures when handling the safety of your staff and the work environment. Ensuring that the employees adhere to these rules and regulations is also important, from cleaning out the equipment at the end of the day to ensuring no one is intoxicated when reporting for work, it is the management’s duty that none of the staff members are put to risk due to negligence or noncompliance of another.

11, July 2016

A Guide To Providing Employee Motivation In The Workplace

A motivated an engaged workforce will undoubtedly create a more positive workplace, so it is up to you to provide the necessary external motivation for your employees. Motivation will also result in a smoother workflow and better communication among staff, so coming to work on a daily basis will stop being a chore. Ensuring that your employees actively enjoy coming to the workplace will require that you deploy several strategies that can benefit them in a personal as well as professional manner, so here are some tips on how to provide this motivation for your employees.

Allow them to hone their existing skills

Motivation can result from how competent your employees are at their jobs, so you have the opportunity to ensure that they receive the proper training. For this purpose, you can look into any aged care traineeships in Broome might offer in your chosen field of work and consider enrolling your staff in these.

When it comes to traineeships, Perth also offers a diverse array of professions, so your chosen profession is likely to be catered to in a manner that is convenient for your workplace. If your employees have received a level of professional training in this manner, it will make your task in the workplace easier as well. For instance, your investment in their training and development means that they provide a better level of service, and that they are fully prepared to tackle the challenges of their position.

Create a pleasant work environment

Employee motivation will also depend on a pleasant workplace that is conducive to engagement, so one of your tasks would be to ensure that this aspect of things is set in place. A pleasant workplace depends on the physical environment as well as the ambience of the place, so you have the opportunity of paying attention to the office space first. Ensure that there is enough natural lighting, and that there are no harsh fluorescent lighting sources in the workplace. In order to invoke a friendly and calming ambience, you will need gentle lighting as well as comfortable furniture where your employees can relax when they need to. Additionally, you will also need to ensure that the workspace is not crammed or overcrowded, and that people can move about freely and without impediment.

Another aspect of the office space that you can improve is the wall area; given that your employees will spend a great deal of time being confronted by these walls, consider putting up some soothing and tasteful pictures. You can also decorate the walls with bulletin boards where employees can put up personal notices.