21, December 2016

Become A Famous Author

In order to become a famous author you must create a book that everybody loves to read and a book that creates buzz. You don’t have to only create a good book and a beautiful story but you must also find a way to publish it and market it.

Writing a good story

You must write a good story in order to be successful. Ideas will come into your head if you truly love writing. If you want to be a good writer you must have the passion and dedication. Writing is an art that you cannot force; you must be prepared to be patient in order to write the best stories possible. You should try changing the environment that you write in to allow new ideas to flow into your head, try writing in places like coffee shops where there is a nice chilled out vibe. This type of vibe and even sometimes the music that is going on in the coffee shops can help you get ideas. To get more ideas you must read more. The more knowledge you have the more information you can turn to, this will help you create more ideas. You can also talk to people who have written books and ask them how you write a story that will appeal to the masses. 

Make people aware of it

After you get your book published by a publisher you must market it so that people are aware of it. You and the publisher both can take up the marketing of the book. A way to catch the eye of the customer is to use a nice cover for the book. Sometimes the nice cover can attract the attention of the cover and people can read the back of it and they will get attracted to the story.

You can reach more people by releasing your book in different languages. Translation services can be used to change the language of the book to the desired language. They will provide you with talented linguistics that can do a very good job.

If you want to promote the book in Vietnam then you can use Vietnamese translation services. Deal with people who can speak the language that you wrote the book in and Vietnamese really well.

You can also promote your book on social media; make sure that you get people you know to share it on Facebook and twitter. Come up with a strong promotional message so people will be attracted by it. You must do what you can to make people buy your book.