21, March 2017

Unique Extra-Curricular Activities For Kids

Extra curricular activities are vital for growing kids. It gives them the traits outside academics such as, team work, accepting both victory and defeat, dedication, commitment, focus etc. that are essential to be inculcated in children from a very young age. So here are some of the unique activities other than the everyday sports, ballet and violin classes that you could enroll your kid in.

1. Archery

Well of course any one would fall for archery after watching The Hunger Games but there’s more to it. Archery teaches kids to focus which immensely helps them in concentrating on their studies. It could be somewhat dangerous however; kids are trained from day one to take care of themselves and also to take responsibility. This sport is much better than letting your kid play video games all day, shooting imaginary people on TV.

2. Cooking

It is never too early to start cooking. It could be an inborn talent of some kids so you are sure to see your little trouble maker mess around the kitchen from the day he could walk and talk. There are cooking lessons starting from the age of two so if you are debating on the safety of them since they use sharp equipment, you shouldn’t be. Enroll him or her at a professional cooking school to get the maximum knowledge and also maximum safety.

3. English programmes

English language is the universal language. No matter what country you belong to, the knowledge of this language is compulsory for any student. So get your kid to join a phonics young learners HK. This will immensely help your kid to learn the basics, usage and other aspects of the language. Kids have high grasping skills so if you provide a good foundation of the language; he or she will quickly grasp it and learn it in no time.

4. Golf

Golf may not feel like the ideal extra activity like Cambridge YLE starter HK programme, tennis, basketball etc. However, this sport is experiencing an increase in popularity, even among kids after the emergence of the youngest golfer to go pro at just 18 years. Golf builds integrity since it is the only sport that requires you to call a penalty on yourself. Don’t invest in expensive clubs since it will not only be a waste of money, but also the atmosphere may not suit kids. There are group classes especially for kids.

5. Chess

Chess could be thought to be boring but it actually develops your kid’s brain immensely. Chess is a sport that requires a lot of analytical skills and this will help your kid in his studies too. It is very inexpensive since there are even clubs and societies that give lessons for free.